Press remarks by Executive Vice-President Timmermans and Commissioner Sinkevičius on proposals for a more sustainable use of plant and soil natural resources

Commission presents EU-Chile agreement to Council for signature authorisation
The modernised EU-Chile agreement has today taken a step towards ratification, with the Commission sending the Advanced Framework Agreement (AFA) and the Interim Trade Agreement (iTA) to the Council for authorising its signature.

Daily News 05 / 07 / 2023

Circular economy for textiles: taking responsibility to reduce, reuse and recycle textile waste and boosting markets for used textiles
Today, the Commission is proposing rules to make producers responsible for the full lifecycle of textile products and to support the sustainable management of textile waste across the EU

European Green Deal: more sustainable use of plant and soil natural resources
Today, the Commission adopted a package of measures for a sustainable use of key natural resources, which will also strengthen the resilience of EU food systems and farming.

Factsheet – Extended Producer Responsibility for textiles

Frequently Asked Questions: Reducing Food Waste in the EU
1. Why is it important to reduce food waste?

Questions and Answers on a Directive on Soil Monitoring and Resilience
Why do we need EU legislation on soils now?

Frequently Asked Questions: New rules for improved plant and forest reproductive material
1. Why do we need to review the EU’s legislation on plant and forest reproductive material?

Frequently Asked Questions: Proposal on New Genomic Techniques
1. What are New Genomic Techniques (NGTs)?

Factsheet – Soil Monitoring Tools to help soil resilience

Q&A: Rule of Law Report 2023

Factsheet – Commission’s response to STOP FINNING – STOP THE TRADE European citizens’ initiative

‘Stop finning – Stop the trade’: Commission welcomes European citizens’ initiative and will explore ways to address trade in shark fins
Today, the Commission is responding to the European citizens’ initiative ‘Stop finning – Stop the trade’ asking the Commission for action to end international trade of loose shark fins

Question and Answers on ‘Stop finning – Stop the trade’ European citizens’ initiative
What is shark finning and why is it done?

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